Left all alone, says Covid victim before dying

Fresh video emerges from Chest Hospital of a patient struggling to breathe in ICU

Govt calls these ‘vested interests’, internet given to talk to families not shoot videos


In a second such shocking video that emerged from the Chest Hospital, a coronavirus patient exposed the fact that there were no doctors to tend to him even as he lay dying. 

Syed Wasim Ahmed, 36, who was admitted to the Government Chest Hospital with the infection, recorded a video which he had shot inside the ICU of the hospital. In the video, Wasim Ahmed, breathing with immense difficulty, says there are no doctors. 

He says “Dekh yaha pe koi nahi hai, main akela hoon, koi nahi hai. Faisla kar tu hi, kaisa rahu mein yahape. Kuch hogaya toh?” (There is no one here, I am alone. No one is here. You decided how I should stay here. What if something happens?) he says in the video.

However, sources insist that doctors are available in the Chest Hospital to attend to emergencies. “They are available nonstop from morning upto afternoon. Towards the evening, they would do rounds and be available in the night for emergencies,” the sources said.  

Earlier, the wife of a Covid patient complained of lack of treatment and delay in handing over the body of her husband. 

Wasim Ahmed’s was the second video from Chest Hospital and third in Telangana. On Sunday, a video shot by 35-year-old V Ravikumar inside the isolation ward of the hospital says that doctors did not provide him with a ventilator even after he complained of breathing problems. 

In Gandhi Hospital, designated as Covid-19 hospital, TV5 crime reporter Manoj shot a video inside the hospital. In the video, he stated that the hospital had failed to provide him oxygen.

Reacting to the video of Ravi Kumar, Health Minister Eatala Rajender on Monday condemned the allegations of negligence in government hospitals in social media. He said, “We are providing internet facilities and cell phones to the patients so that they can interact with their families. Because unlike other patients they can’t have family members by their side, we are providing cell phones and the internet to them, but some people are misusing this to record videos. We have cured thousands of people, but some people are complaining about not being provided oxygen, doctors not attending, not being provided ventilators. This is all false.”

Eatala pointed that highlighting this issue is impacting the morale of the doctors. Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar said that such incidents on social media are being done by ‘vested interests’.

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