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Sunny Singh to star in a biopic next\

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Luv Ki Arrange Marriage, the latest movie by actor Sunny Singh, is presently available for viewing on Zee5. It’s the ideal balance of humour, romance and drama! The lead actor talks about the movie’s idea and a few behind-the-scenes shots from the shoot in an exclusive interview with The Pioneer.

The movie’s tone was successfully established by the trailer for Luv Ki Arrange Marriage, which highlights the film’s unique blend of drama, romance and humour. It presented the main characters and made hints about the conflicts between families and cultures that form the plot.
Avneet Kaur and Sunny Singh have a strong connection, and the trailer’s lively graphics and soundtrack promised an enjoyable and captivating moviegoing experience.
Subsequently, Sunny Singh gives a noteworthy performance, which gets us an exclusive interview with Adipurush fame!
“In my film, a single father’s point of view is shown and I had to play a really streetwise person. Although love triangles have been in a lot of movies up to this point, none of them seem as quirky as Luv Ki Arrange Marriage. I have no doubt that the entire story will enchant you when you watch the movie! I was able to play “Luv” without having to prepare. I was somewhat impromptu on the sets because I was performing a situational comedy,” a self-composed Sunny shared.
He went on to explain more about his connection with co-star Avneet, saying, “I made friends with her. Together, we used to practice our scenes all the time. Working with her as a co-star was a breeze! It was not difficult to perform next to her.”
He continues, narrating, “In our film industry, veteran actors are considered legendary figures. They used to come up with so many original improvisations that were meant to be included in the film! They are so good that a filmmaker can’t turn them down. On the sets of Luv Ki Arrange Marriage, they treated Avneet and myself like family. Our relationship extended beyond merely rehearsing lines together; after a successful take, we would sit down to a satisfying supper. We even ventured out together to explore the city.”
“Rajpal Yadav and Annu Kapoor were coming up with jokes in the middle of the shooting that used to crack me up (he laughed),” when asked about BTS moments from the Luv Ki Arrange Marriage set. “It’s in their nature for there to be humour amongst them, even when you are taking a vacation. Additionally, I recall filming in blazing sunshine, so their humour helped to keep us in check. I also had a difficult day when I had to shoot a song sequence in the scorching sun without shoes. My feet nearly burned! But there is a flaw in me. We used to do several retakes, even when I was in pain, because I would laugh so hard. Overall, the shoot was enjoyable!”
“I love doing emotional scenes—these are the kind of scenes that really come within me,” he continued to disclose. “I also think that because fans aren’t used to seeing Sunny Singh and Avneet Kaur together, they will like us both. I personally think that romantic comedies are better to watch!”
In the meantime, he declares, “I’ll never say “no” to a biopic script; I finally got one, and I’m going to be doing it this year.”


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