Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Khushi Kapoor

Khushi Kapoor takes Paris by Storm with her elegant Eiffel Tower look

Khushi Kapoor, the rising star in the world of Bollywood, recently bid adieu to the city of Paris, and she did it in style....

Khushi Kapoor’s Stunning Pink and Black Ensemble Sets Hearts Racing!”

Khushi Kapoor, a true fashion maven, has once again left her followers in awe with her latest social media update. Her pink and black...

Khushi Kapoor and Betty Cooper are more alike than you think!

In the world of showbiz, sometimes reality and fiction intertwine in the most delightful ways. Khushi Kapoor, a name that's been buzzing in the...

Zoya Akhtar takes viewers ‘back in time’ in The Archies trailer

It is all about rock n’ roll, friends, love, and more in the first trailer of the Zoya Akhtar-directed The Archies, the live-action musical...

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