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100 days of congress government Multi-tasking Revanth Reddy keeps Opposition on tenterhooks

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K Venkateshwarlu

Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, who is also the TPCC President, has kept opposition parties, particularly the BRS, on tenterhooks during his 100 days in the saddle.
Revanth Reddy has been performing dual roles (CM and TPCC President) successfully forcing opposition leaders to stop thinking of toppling his government.
But still, BRS leaders like KCR, KTR and Harish Rao and Dr K. Laxman of the BJP have been issuing statements that the Revanth Reddy government will fall within six months.
Laxman said that one has to wait until the Lok Sabha elections are over to find out who will be TG’s Eknath Shinde.
However, the CM has been making opposition leaders summon their leaders to their residences to convince them to continue in their parties.
Giving a strong reply to opposition parties regarding their statement that “the Congress government will fall within six months,” the Chief Minister told the opposition, particularly the BRS, that “no one will remain in the BRS if the Congress opens its gates” giving jitters to the opposition.
The Chief Minister did not confine himself to mere words but has been showing it in action resulting in seven BRS MLAs meeting Chief Minister Revanth Reddy and many former MLAs, MLCs and MPs of the BRS and the BJP joining the Congress. Many BRS leaders too are now in the queue to join the Congress. Revanth made BRS hardliner former Labour Minister Ch. Malla Reddy to meet Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister DK Siva Kumar to discuss joining the Congress. He also made the sitting BRS Khammam MP Nama Nageswara Rao to meet him on Thursday.
Revanth also visited the residence of senior BJP leader AP Jithender Reddy sending shivers down the spine of the BJP leadership. Revanth Reddy, during his 100-day stint displayed multitasking skills from day one, that is, on December 7, 2023, the day he occupied the CM seat, as a CM as well as TPCC President giving shockers to the opposition by not giving them any chance to manoeuvre because of the Lok Sabha elections.

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