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14th century temple in dilapidated state

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A 14th century brick temple located on a hilltop at Kotturu on the Vijayawada-Velagaleru road in NTR district has been damaged due to growth of a peepal tree on the northern wall of the temple, says Dr E Sivanagi Reddy, archaeologist and CEO, Pleach India Foundation.

Based on the information given by the villagers, Dr Reddy visited the dilapidated temple on Tuesday as part of the awareness programme ‘Preserve Heritage for Posterity’, along with Medasani Subhakar, secretary, Amaravati Buddha Vihara, Golla Narayanarao, president, Andhra Arts Academy, and Dr Gumma Sambasivarao and Dr Venna Vallabha Rao, literarians, and conducted a thorough examination.

He said that the temple consisted of a square Garbhagriha and Ardhamandapa topped by a brick Sikhara and plastered with lime. The growth of the tree to a considerable size camouflaged the view of the temple. Dr Reddy later examined the inscription dated to 1390 CE issued by Kumaragiri Reddy, who bore the title Karpoora Vasantharaya, that recorded donation of some lands to the maintenance of Vasantha Narasimha temple. The inscription also lies in a state of neglect.

Sivanagi Reddy sensitised the villagers gathered on the historical significance of the temple and inscription and the need to preserve it for posterity. He also assured them that he would render necessary technical support to restore the temple, if the villagers came forward.

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