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486 RBKs to procure paddy in combined Krishna

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Dasari Srinivasa Rao

The State government has started paddy procurement from the farmers during the Kharif season through YSR Rythu Bharosa Kendras (RBK). The Krishna district officials have begun the procurement process in Penamaluru and Vuyyuru mandals, and the NTR district administration will start the same on Tuesday.

Krishna district has opened 316 RBKs while NTR district will open 170 RBKs to procure the paddy yield from the farmers.The Central government has fixed the Minimum Support Price (MSP) to procure the paddy and directed all States to implement the same. As per the MSP, the state government is purchasing Grade-A paddy at Rs.2,060 and Common Grade at Rs.2,050 per quintal. However, these prices would be applicable if the moisture content of the paddy is under 17 per cent.

Meanwhile, 156 millers are engaged in taking the paddy yield, of which 140 are in Krishna and 16 in NTR district. These millers would take the paddy from the RBKs.

Krishna and NTR district authorities are expecting a total of 10.30 lakh metric tonnes of paddy yield this Kharif season. Krishna district expects 7.50 lakh MT and NTR district, 2.80 lakh MT.According to the Agriculture Department, both district authorities have set a target of 7 lakh MT of paddy for procurement. Krishna district will procure 5.60 lakh MT and NTR district will be procuring 1.40 lakh MT.

As the paddy procurement began in Krishna district, the farmers are engaged in paddy harvesting activity in the Kharif season. And they are making efforts to sell their yield at RBKs at MSP. In view of this, the authorities are making arrangements for paddy procurement from the farmers like in previous years.

Late payment an issue
As per the government guidelines, farmers will get the amount within 21 days. But it did not happen in the previous Kharif and Rabi seasons. However, the farmers are never looking back even when numerous paradoxical situations are obsessing them. The farmers who sold their crops to the government through the RBKs are not being given the amount on time.

Even the farmers’ land is registered on the e-crop booking and they have all the valid documents including bank account. During the previous year, in Kharif and Rabi, many farmer accounts were credited after one to three months of their crop being sold.Last year, about 1,15,000 farmers of Krishna and NTR districts were paid an aggregate amount of Rs 1,700 crore for five lakh MT of paddy. But the cash payment wasn’t done on time.

The farmers want timely payments at least this year. It is a known fact that the farmers have been facing hardships for the past three years while selling their crops.

On the other hand, many farmers are facing difficulties to get money for their crops from the government. Farmers can’t receive their payments even after three to six months after selling their paddy yield.

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