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63.51 crore tourists visited TS since 2014

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About 63.51 crore domestic tourists visited Telangana from 2014 to July 2022 and 1,35,000 foreign tourists visited the tourist areas of Telangana in the same period.
Tourism sector in Telangana is being promoted with the theme “Our Telangana – Our Culture – Our Tourism.” Officials said that with the facilities provided by the government, the interest of tourists towards Telangana has increased and domestic tourism has also grown significantly.

The Government has constituted Telangana Tourism Development Corporation (TSTDC) as a nodal agency to develop, promote and promote the state’s tourism sector. This organisation has created 54 green tourism hotels and way-side facilities across the state. Developing facilities in areas suitable for tourism, 31 tourist buses and 120 boats are being operated in the state. Sound & Light shows are being organised at Golconda and Warangal forts. Stories of these forts are presented dramatically in English, Hindi and Telugu languages with voices, music and light effects.

“Telangana is home to crores of jewels. Deccan plateau is home to natural beauty, natural water resources, hills, peaks, forts and spiritual places. The tourism sector of Telangana region, which has so many diverse places, has been neglected under the joint rule. With the formation of a separate state, Telangana tourism sector is getting new opportunities. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who has complete understanding of Telangana’s history, culture, traditions, natural resources and development, is shaping Telangana as a tourist destination,” said an official release from the government.

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