Friday, December 1, 2023

‘A campaign of  lies’: KTR exposes Amit Shah

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Bharat Rashtra Samithi working president and TS IT Minister K T Rama Rao has accused Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah of campaigning lies. “Amit Shah’s statements at the public meeting in Adilabad were filled with blatant lies,” KTR observed. He said that Amit Shah had become a laughing stock in Telangana.

KTR said that it was ironic to see Amit Shah speak of family politics. KTR asked Amit Shah to clarify where his son Jay Shah played cricket or provided coaching before being appointed as BCCI Secretary.”Amit Shah, during a speech in Adilabad district five years ago, pledged to revive the dormant Cement Corporation of India. Half a decade later, the promise remains unfulfilled,” KTR pointed out. Highlighting the BJP government’s neglect of the state, he said that in the decade since Telangana’s inception, not a single educational institution had been granted to the state. KTR said that the Telangana government had allocated land for a Tribal University years ago, but it remained unrealized.

KTR said that Amit Shah’s claim that Telangana occupied the top position in respect of farmer suicides was false and misleading. The BJP copied the Rythu Bandhu and other model schemes from Telangana and was claiming that farmers of the state were committing suicide. KTR said that it was unfortunate to see a Union Minister like Amit Shah audaciously propagating falsehood in front of people.

KTR added that people had lost trust in BJP leaders as they only made false promises at the time of elections. “BJP is more interested in using religion for political gains, potentially disrupting communal harmony,” said KTR. He added that such parties were not credible in the eyes of Telangana people.

KTR demanded Amit Shah to provide a detailed account of what the BJP had accomplished for Telangana over the past decade before asking people for votes. KTR stated that BRS’s steering was in the hands of KCR but the BJP’s steering had gone into the hands of industrialist Gautam Adani. He said that the people of Telangana would give a fitting reply to BJP in the upcoming elections.

“People are tired of the empty promises made by BJP leaders during elections. Instead, they should address issues like unemployment and rising essential commodity prices,” said KTR. He alleged that Amit Shah’s narrative was designed purely for emotional manipulation. He said that BJP state unit president Kishan Reddy should have informed Amit Shah about the official state celebrations on September 17, observed as National Integration Day.

Referring to Amit Shah’s take on ‘double engine government,’ KTR challenged him to show a state that had progressed more than Telangana. KTR said that Telangana had made significant progress in various sectors over the past nine years. KTR concluded by expressing his confidence that the wisdom of Telangana’s people would be reflected in the election results and the BRS would record a massive victory.

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