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A story in cashmere dedicated to performance and arts

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Janavi India is launching their latest collection “Lightly” inspired by the lightness of being, movement, and performance. The collection champions the dying craft of cashmere embroidery as the founder Jyotika Jhalani has taken inspiration from performers of ballet and their fluid movements.

Lightly the latest collection is enveloped in cashmere and merino wool, with lighter frills of organza and silk. Crystals and metallic beads ignite wraps that are garlanded with Chantilly lace and gleaming metalized embroideries. Shawls are drawn into wraps and others rest lightly as fastened or unfastened capes on your shoulders. Deep hues of burgundy, indigo, gunmetal and black frolic through these pieces. And they do so, lightly.

Founded in 1998 by Jyotika Jhalani, Janavi India is a brand inspired by nature, love, beauty and energy. Taking India to the world, the global brand is an ode to Kashmiri embroidery and craftspeople. Bringing to life a vision to create pieces of art in cashmere, hand crafted by skilled artisans and experienced weavers. Recognized for its old-world charm, bold use of colour, whimsical motifs, embellishments and techniques, Janavi India is available in over 200 stores across the world. With each collaboration, mythical beings and talismans alike have come to life on soft woven wool and cashmere. Each piece envelopes the wearer in warmth, artistic expression, and grace.

Janavi retails across the globe at stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Harvey Nichols, Neiman Marcus to name a few in addition to their stores at The Chanakya, Emporio and the Lodhi Hotel.

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