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A tool or a tactic?

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Using corporate bookings as a tactic or tool in the context of inflated box office numbers can serve several purposes, as underlined by trade analyst Akshaye Rathi.

• Boosting opening weekend numbers: Corporations booking large blocks of tickets can contribute to a film’s impressive opening weekend box office figures. This can create a perception of high demand and success, attracting more general audiences.
• Generating buzz and hype: Corporate screenings can generate positive word-of-mouth within the business community and beyond. This buzz can spill over into mainstream media, contributing to the overall hype surrounding the film.
• Enhancing perceived popularity: A film perceived as popular among corporations might be seen as more prestigious and successful. This perception can influence the general audience’s decision to watch the movie, contributing to sustained box office success.
• Marketing and branding opportunities: Corporate bookings provide opportunities for film studios to partner with companies for promotional tie-ins. This can include branded merchandise, special events, or other marketing collaborations, further increasing visibility and revenue.
• Creating exclusivity: Corporate bookings can create an air of exclusivity around a film, making it seem like a must-see event. This exclusivity can drive more people to theaters, eager to be part of a cultural phenomenon.

In essence, using corporate bookings strategically becomes a tool for shaping public perception, driving initial box office success, and establishing a film as a cultural phenomenon.

Shantanu Prashar, host of the Honestly Saying podcast, recently disclosed an intriguing experience involving a paid review offer for the film Salaar. In his candid revelation, he underscored the prevalence of such occurrences within the industry, shedding light on the common practice of production houses engaging multiple smaller public relations agencies to orchestrate paid reviews or premieres. Prashar highlighted the discernible pattern of individuals appearing across diverse YouTube videos, ostensibly praising the same film, exposing a disheartening trend that inevitably impacts the film industry’s credibility.

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