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‘Aay combines a charming love story with a humorous element’

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Singer and music director Ram Miryala, who is currently writing music for the Telugu film project titled Aay, speaks to the media here sharing some more interesting insights about the film’s music.
By making his own impression, Ram Miryala—a singer and music director as well—has cemented himself as a dependable figure in the hearts of listeners. He is currently writing music for the Telugu film project titled Aay.
The local fun entertainer Aay is being brought by the production house GA2 Pictures banner. The main actors are Nayan Sarika and Narne Nithiin. This film is being directed by Anji K. Mani Putra. Producers Bunny Vas and Vidya Koppineedi are behind this entertaining movie! The film is almost ready for theaters. The ‘Hyderabadi’ media had a special conversation with vocalist and music director Ram Miryala on this occasion.
“Bunny Vas invited me to the Aay movie,” expresses RamMiryala. “He enjoys my musical taste. He added that we will be creating a fun entertainer based on the nativity. I wanted to know what part I might have there. However, I got there and heard the story, and I thought they did a fantastic job. The Godavari River serves as the setting for the film. The film combines a charming love story with a humorous element. It is a family-friendly story that will appeal to audiences of all kinds,” the well-known Telugu playback singer said.
Just so the readers are aware, he wrote two songs specifically for the film. The catchy tune Sufiyana was just released, and it appears that the song has received a fantastic response. Ram believes that the song will resonate with a wider audience after the film opens in theaters. A wedding procession is the setting for another song. It will soon be available as well!
Generally speaking, also a record producer mentioned, “The director and the music director should get along well. Good music doesn’t come out until then. This has proven to be accurate numerous times. Now, thanks to director Anji K. Mani Putra, the song Sufiyana has become a huge hit. He gave me the information I needed to write quality tunes.” The music composer even continues, saying, “As a singer and music director, I want to do a variety of songs. There might occasionally be occasions when I am unable to perform specific tasks. However, there’s always an opportunity to try something new. Additionally, the relationship that has developed between the director and us is producing fresh work in our industry. I’m only now starting to feel this. Many thanks to all those who took part.”
Every day, as a technician, he strives for perfection. It appears that he has to introduce the listener to new sounds in his roles as vocalist and music director. Ram says that people will relate to you if you are that determined. Along the way, he has received leadership and mentoring from a number of directors and music directors.
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