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Abhishek Banerjee Starrer ‘Stolen’ to Represent India as Sole Selection for World Premiere at Venice Film Festival 2023

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Gripping Edge-of-the-Seat thriller “Stolen” to Make India Proud at Prestigious Venice Film Festival

In an unprecedented achievement, the gripping Hindi feature film “Stolen,” brought to life by Jungle Book Studio, helmed by Gaurav Dhingra (GD) who has been delivering global films out of India over the last decade which have consistently made their way to some of the biggest film festivals from across the world this time the maverick producer strikes again with Stolen as the solitary representative of Indian cinema at the revered Venice Film Festival 2023. This remarkable accomplishment underscores the film’s exceptional narrative and the creative prowess of the Indian film industry on the global stage.

“Stolen” is an Edge-of-the-Seat thriller from India, the only Indian film in the category along with a collection of some amazing international movies. These include David Fincher’s “The Killer,” Bradley Cooper’s “Maestro,” Sofia Coppola’s true-story movie “Priscilla,” the A24 film “Poor Things” with Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo, and Edoardo De Angelis’ “Comandante.”

The film’s selection speaks volumes about its engrossing storyline, masterful direction by Karan Tejpal, and its ensemble cast led by the power performer Abhishek Banerjee, along with the talented Shubham and Mia Maelzer.

Set against the backdrop of a remote rural railway station in India, “Stolen” unfolds the gripping tale of a five-month-old baby abducted from her mother, a downtrodden woman named Jhumpa Mahato. This heart-wrenching incident draws the attention of two urban brothers, Gautam and Raman, leading them into a labyrinth of challenges that test their relationships and convictions.

Actor Abhishek Banerjee said, “‘Stolen’ has certainly been one of the most challenging roles in my career. The character I portray is vastly different from who I am in real life. It compelled me to delve into the depths of human emotions and experiences, demanding a level of authenticity and vulnerability that pushed me beyond my comfort zone.

The film’s representation of India at the prestigious Venice Film Festival is undoubtedly a monumental achievement, I am honored.This recognition underscores the power of storytelling and its ability to transcend borders. I am eagerly anticipating how audiences on the global stage will connect with our film”

Director Karan Tejpal and Producer Gaurav Dhingra jointly said,” Witnessing our film’s selection for the Venice Film Festival is a moment of immense pride for us. This film has been a labor of love and the coming together of extraordinary talent striving to create something exceptional.

The Festival has a rich history of showcasing remarkable films that have left a mark on the world of cinema, and we’re honored to be in such esteemed company. As we prepare to present ‘Stolen’ on this illustrious platform, we are humbled by the opportunity and excited to contribute to the legacy of the Venice Film Festival.”

As the curtain rises on the Venice Film Festival from August 30 to September 9, “Stolen” will shine brightly as India’s sole representative, showcasing the country’s creative brilliance and storytelling finesse to a global audience.

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