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Actor Vishal clarifies the ‘mystery girl’ in viral video, says, ‘I am in New Yorkwith my cousins’

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Recently, a video clip in which Vishal was seen with a young woman on a New York street went viral. The duo was walking on a road. Suddenly, the ‘Mark Antony’ actor noticed that someone was filming them secretly. Many started speculating that the one seen alongside Vishal was his secret girlfriend.
It turns out that it was a prank video. “Sorry guys, I guess it’s time to reveal the truth about the recent video. Well well well, it’s half true in terms of location. Yes,  I am in New York which is my regular retreat place with my cousins, which is a ritual of destressing myself every year after a super chaotic rest of the year. The other half of it actually is a prank which all of our cousins decided to play on Christmas Day, directed, enacted and executed by my cousins,” Vishal wrote on social media.
He further added, “Always brings the kid in me, which is a good feeling, and I decided to do it and put an end to all your detective speculations. Well, of course, some were bang on target.”
For many, the prank video was so dull that it was obvious that Vishal was pretending!

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