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Acute shortage of water hits beer production hard

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Acute shortage of water in the current summer has led to scaling down of beer production in Telangana disappointing tipplers.
The breweries are unable to match the growing demand for supply of beer. The Excise Department has already earned Rs 1,458 crore through excise tax on the sale of 48,71,668 beer boxes. The production of beer is going to be hit hard in the next two months due to shortage of water.
The microbreweries permitted in the early days of the TRS coming to power in Telangana, the beer production taking place in cities. However, the supply of beer to rural areas has come down due to shortage of water.
The unprecedented shortage of water in the manufacture of beer was unheard of during the past four years. As a result, the production has been hit denting revenue of Rs 1200 crore to the state exchequer.  The receding water levels in main reservoirs around the city is going to affect the beer production.
Such shortage of water surfaced earlier once for a short period in 1999. The State government supplies 44 lakh liters of water from Singuru reservoir for a nominal price to four multi-national breweries.
The allocation of drinking water from these projects was alleged to be not proper. Doubts are being expressed how can the government supply water from Singuru to breweries instead of satiating thirst of the people.
It bas come to be known that supply of 44 lakh safe drinking water from drinking water project to the breweries is inevitable as borewell water is not fit for manufacture of beer. The water level in Singuru and Manjira reservoirs has receded further due to prevailing drought and acute shortage of drinking water. HMWSSB rules out procuring water from private sources is difficult.  Therefore, it is not able to supply water to SAB Miller India, United Breweries Limited, Carlsbird India and Crown Beers.

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