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Adivi Sesh Celebrates 5 Years of G1, Teases International Takeover with G2

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Pan India actor Adivi Sesh is celebrating a significant milestone as his blockbuster movie, Goodachari (part 1), completes five years today. The spy-thriller, which brought back the Spy Genre to South Indian cinema, won the hearts of fans and critics alike with its gripping storyline and thrilling action sequences.

Expressing his gratitude and reflecting on the success of G1, Adivi Sesh took to social media to share a picture with a heartfelt caption that said, “#Goodachari brought back the Spy Genre to South Indian cinema.Thanks to the efforts of director Sashi who believed, an extraordinary team, an amazing cast, supportive producers and fantastic music. My gratitude to the audience and the fans. You blessed us and now #G2 will go international”.

Adivi Sesh expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the audience and fans who blessed the movie with their love and support.

With G1’s success still fresh in memory, the talented actor-filmmaker is geared up for his next ambitious project – G2. Confident that G2 will surpass its predecessor in every way, Adivi Sesh has set his sights on an international takeover with the upcoming movie.

In his own words, Adivi Sesh stated, “Our goal isn’t just to give you a thrilling action extravaganza,it is to bring you a G2 beyond expectations.A G2 that doesn’t just go national.IT WILL GO INTERNATIONAL with pre-production happening in three different countries, We can’t wait to go to sets soon. AGENT 116 WILL REPORT FOR DUTY!”

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of G2, confident that it will take South Indian cinema to greater heights on the international stage.The success of G1 has set the bar high, and Adivi Sesh’s dedication and passion for his craft ensure that G2 will undoubtedly live up to expectations.

As we wish Adivi Sesh a heartfelt congratulations on the five-year anniversary of G1, we also extend our best wishes for the success of G2. With his immense talent and dedication, there’s no doubt that Adivi Sesh will continue to leave a lasting impact on the world of cinema.

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