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Adivi Sesh unveiled his first look from Goodachari 2 in Mumbai

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Actor Adivi Sesh, who has gained immense fan following and was introduced to the Hindi audience with his blockbuster film Major, formally announced his upcoming film in Mumbai on Monday.

At the grand event, the actor unveiled his first look from Goodachari 2, a sequel to his 2018 film Goodachari. This time, the makers are going bigger and wider, as they are planning for a pan-India release. Goodachari 2 will be directed by debutant Vinay Kumar Sirigineedi, who was the editor for Adivi Sesh’s film Major.

While Goodachari was a massive hit down south, owing to its popularity and by public demand G2 (Goodachari 2) will be made for a Pan-India audience. This time around the sequel will be shot internationally on an elaborate scale including 3 countries in Europe, one in the Middle East, and on hometurf in Delhi, Hyderabad and Pondicherry. The film will pick up where it left off in the Alps, with a slew of new characters joining the existing star cast.

Says Adivi Sesh, “Goodachari 2 is an epic action film visualized by our brilliant director Vinay Kumar Sirigineedi. Honestly, we envision this to be massive, fitting for a Pan-India audience. The film goes on floors this year and we can’t wait to bring audiences something they will truly remember.”

He further said that content-based films are working everywhere, quoting and example of the Reitesh Deshmukh directorial Ved, which is also a remake of the Telugu film Majili. And this is what pushed him to launch the film directly in Hindi.

The makers on the other side feel that they see their films more as Indian films than as regional films, quoting examples from their earlier films such as Kashmiri files, Karthikeya 2. Since they worked everywhere due to their content and they hoped the same follows with their G2. Therefore they are launching their film in Mumbai instead of Hyderabad.

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