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afraid of potential health issuesHusband throws out woman for she has her heart on right side

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A shocking incident of a husband throwing his wife out of the home because she has her heart on the right side came to light.
When she had approached the court, the court ruled in her favour stating that it does not make any difference. However, the husband was in no mood to honour the court verdict.
When the housewife took initiative and approached her husband along with her parents, the in-laws asked her parents to wait outside and beat her up black and blue.
According to the facts of the case, Bhavani married Bhaskar six years ago. Her parents gave lavish gifts to Bhaskar at the time of marriage.
 According to Bhavani, some unidentified persons prevailed on Bhaskar stating that his wife’s heart is located on her right side and hence she would have health problems in future, leading to Bhaskar evicting her from of his house. Bhavani lamented that Bhaskar did not come to accept her as his wife even after a court ruling in her favour.
When she took initiative and went to the in-laws house to live with her husband, her in-laws made her parents wait outside and thrashed her like anything. At the time of the assault, she said, her father-in-law was wearing the police uniform. She quoted him as saying, “None will be able to talk to her father-in-law him since he is a policeman.” She said that the in-laws kicked her in the stomach. She alleged that the in-laws have been threatening to kill her if she ever attempted to return to the family.
Since her father-in-law was a head constable, the police are not doing justice to her. Currently, she is receiving treatment for injuries inflicted on her at her in-law’s house.

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