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Akasa found her creative solace while working on Manmaani

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Singer-performer Akasa, who is once again captivating her listeners with her new track Manmaani, gets candid with The Pioneer about the making of the song, being transported into her past while in the process, and more.
Singer Akasa shot to fame with her hit song Naagin, and now the singer-performer is once again captivating her listeners with the latest track, Manmaani.
In a recent interaction with us, she spoke about her experience. “The guitarist was playing a tune, and suddenly this song came to me. This song is nostalgic to me, actually. All of a sudden, while working on the track, I was transported into my past. I was sort of overthinking, you can say. My relationship had just ended! I was not in the healing process; I was feeling therapeutic, but I was cherishing the time spent well. Now that’s how the hook line made it.”
Delving into an imaginative process that gave birth to the concept of this track, Akasa gives a soul-stirring response just like her EP: “When I met the music director, I didn’t describe the song to him as an artist but rather sharing all the tidbits of my relationship. I didn’t go into the technicalities at all! Immediately, he was imbued with my concept. And the other three girls on the team were also hopelessly romantic (she laughed), so even they got perplexed by it. They got emotional, surprisingly. The genius concept was the use of Luma AI; none of the Indian musical videos have used this concept yet. So what this technology did was freeze reality.”
The multi-faceted artist took us from inception to the production phase. She continues, “It’s all very emotional to me; this track is personal. I came up with “Punjabiyat” first! After a one and a half-year-long argument, I was in a very delicate space. I remember taking a flight, and throughout the journey, I was very affected by what was happening. That’s how I creatively vent out my feelings in the form of a song. While descending, I was writing the lyrics, feeling like I wished I could have that conversation during the quarrel I was having.”
Any profound or artistic revelations? Well, the composer expresses, “I doubted myself for no rhyme or reason for so long. More than a creative journey, it was about making people feel what I felt. What I don’t understand is why I am being stereotyped as a firecracker who can only do dance numbers as a pop singer. I am more than a glamorous performer! I have matured with this track, actually; no frills and fringes attached.”
In the face of artistic trials, she shared the remarkable ways in which she surmounted obstacles along her path. For instance, “I face rejection on a daily basis. I was replaced from projects! Nobody is willing to believe in the songs as much as I do. Sometimes my songs don’t do well. I have become more graceful than disgraceful. I have stopped focusing on the losses. Songs are not meant to be profound, by the way. That was all about my music world; now I am jumping into the universe of web shows. I am going to act!”
Matters of the heart can be a blessing or a disaster, and once upon a time, Akasa Singh was showing the telltale signs of heartbreak. It’s rather interesting to see how this woman actually parted ways gracefully and changed her emotions into a form of melody. Excellent!
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