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Ali Reza is all set to take on ‘challenging roles’ on his way

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Actor Ali Reza, who was recently seen in Mama Mascheendra, gets candid with The Pioneer about his experience working with Sudheer Babu, challenging parts of the film, and more.
Nirnitha Nannapuraju
Model-turned-actor Ali Reza, popularly known for his work in the Telugu serial Pasupu Kumkuma, has also enraptured the hearts of the Telugu audience through his impeccable journey in the reality show Big Boss season 3.
Recently, the actor was seen in Mama Mascheendra, playing the male lead, Sudheer Babu’s friend. The film, starring Eesha Rebba and Mirnalini Murali in lead roles, is written and directed by actor-director Harsha Vardhan. Basically, what really convinced Ali to act in the film was when the director promised him a role in one of his films. Later, when the director approached him for this film, he said that the film is going to have Sudheer Babu, who will be playing three characters in the film: Mama (uncle) and also the two nephews.
In an exclusive chat with The Pioneer, sharing his experience of working with the main lead, he shares, “I was inspired looking at Sudheer sir’s dedication for his work, and the way he used to survive in prosthetic makeup for 3–4 hours really motivates me. I feel lucky to share screen space with him.”
Ali plays an important character in the film Mama Mascheendra. Well, it is through his character that the twist in the film gets revealed, and the movie takes an interesting turn. He says that acting in emotional and comedy scenes was challenging for him. He discloses “I’m also one of those actors who is not really comfortable with dancing in films but would rather act in challenging roles.”
When asked about how he personally felt about his performance in the film, he enthuses, “I would rate my performance by giving it 5 out of 10 stars. An actor should be someone who is never satisfied with his work and strives for the betterment of their skills every moment.”
The sets of Mama Mascheendra, Ali shares, were filled with workaholics and dedicated people. He even goes on to recall how there were not many incidents where they had fun, but he did share having fun while looking at Hari Teja, who plays a comic role in the film, in her costumes and makeup for the first time.
Ali Reza, who is eagerly waiting to once again work with Sudheer Babu and Harsha Vardhan, says, “I would rate Mama Mascheendra by giving 3.5 out of 5 stars,” and half of the credit would be for Sudheer sir’s prosthetic makeup and dedication.”
Ali Reza looks for interesting scripts that have a lot of comedy and emotional scenes. He says he is one of those confident actors who does not have to do any kind of homework to play the characters in the film. Well, he is someone who goes through the lines of his diary one day before the shoot, which can make him perform well. Ali Reza shares that “I am ready to accept any kind of challenging role in the film and would love playing them.”
Ali Reza shares his acting in the upcoming film Operation Valentine starring Varun Tej and a few of his future projects that are in the process of shooting.
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