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‘All is not well’

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Many BRS candidates fear unhappy local party leaders


All is not well for many BRS candidates. In addition to meeting election expenditures, some BRS candidates fear that the discontent among local leaders may lead to backstabbing.

This time many BRS leaders competed with each other for the party ticket. But the BRS leadership gave Assembly tickets mostly to sitting MLAs except for seven new faces.

Interestingly, in some constituencies ticket hopefuls still hope for an Assembly ticket even after the announcement of party candidates. Political observers think that the stiff competition in the BRS for Assembly tickets may lead to backstabbing in some constituencies.

The frightened BRS candidates are placing all their hopes on Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s image. They think that if people have faith in KCR backstabbing will not work and that if they win this time it would be purely due to KCR’s image.

In the last two Assembly elections, the discontent among BRS leaders did not have any impact on BRS candidates. The main reason for this was that the opposition was weak at that time. But this time the Congress has become strong and in some places, the BJP also has gained ground.

In these circumstances, BRS candidates fear that any dissatisfaction in BRS ranks can affect their prospects. Some unhappy local leaders are leaving the party.

Some leaders are continuing in the party even though they are dissatisfied over not getting a ticket. BRS candidates think that danger is more from such people. They think some of them may not work wholeheartedly for their victory and some may try to backstab.

BRS leaders think that after the announcement of Congress candidates, the same situation will come to be in that party too.

Unhappy Congress leaders may leave the party or those remaining in the party may try to backstab the official candidate. This can help BRS candidates to win.

Unhappy Congress leaders may look towards the BRS and not to the BJP to defeat official Congress candidates. A senior BRS leader said that BRS candidates will have nothing to fear after the Congress announces its candidates as the political equation will favour them. He said the Congress will witness more dissidence than the BRS.

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