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All schools involved for launch of Safety Clubs

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PNS | Hyderabad

In line with the GO MS No. 36 of the school education (General) Department of the Telangana Government which stipulates the steps to be taken for the safety and security of the children in schools and the guidelines of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Stephen Raveendra, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad, held a review meeting with the principals and correspondents of schools of Madhapur zone and also launched Safety Clubs in the schools.

The principals and school managements will be sensitised about the guidelines and measures that have to be in place in the schools. Safety Clubs or the School Safety Committees are mandated by the guidelines on school safety and security by the Ministry of Education. The same will be launched for driving safety as a culture in the schools.

The initiative will be driven under the Education Forum of the Society for Cyberabad Security Council.  Speaking on the occasion, Stephen Raveendra said, “It is very important that schools and police should involve the schoolchildren in the whole initiative very actively, listen to them and not to treat them as  child  and assume that they don’t know much. Listen to them, take their feedback and make it a very resilient movement. He said we should allow the children to report of any incident – not the parents or teachers – because the feedback what we would get from them is unfiltered and frank. Child should be the centre of these safety clubs. Now, I invite the children to visit our police stations and experience the change at the police stations.”

Anuradha, Principal and founder of Sanghamitra School said, “When I was a child, my first safety lessons came from my mother. Today, a child at 2 ½ years is getting admitted to school.  Everything is forced into child’s head and we are not allowing them to learn. I never expected a day would come when we need to invite police to teach them on safety – as most of the parents are not involving themselves fully.

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