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Allegations against VC Prasada Reddy trigger inquiry calls

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Andhra University Vice-Chancellor Prof PVGD Prasada Reddy faces mounting accusations of mismanagement and political favoritism during YCP government’s tenure. The allegations, centered around decisions purportedly influenced by the outgoing YCP government, have sparked widespread concern among educationists and the public alike.
Critics contend that Prasada Reddy’s decisions have prioritised political gains over the university’s global reputation. Accusations range from questionable appointments that allegedly violate the AP Universities Act and UGC regulations to administrative irregularities impacting the institution’s academic integrity. The controversy has escalated with calls for a thorough inquiry into these allegations. Last year, the SC, ST, BC, and Minority Alumni Association took the matter to the High Court through a Public Interest Litigation, seeking intervention by either a Lokayukta or a High Court Judge. Governor Abdul Nazir also forwarded complaints, underscoring the seriousness of the accusations against the Vice-Chancellor.
Among the specific grievances, it is alleged that Prasada Reddy appointed an under qualified individual from a private college as the temporary chair professor of the Ambedkar Study Center, raising questions about academic standards and due process. Additionally, concerns have been raised regarding administrative appointments, including the contentious extension of tenure for Prof B Krishna Mohan, former Registrar, amidst procedural discrepancies.
Further complicating matters are allegations of irregularities in the appointment of adjunct and honorary professors, with claims that established protocols were disregarded in favor of expediency. One such decision involving the reallocation of faculty from aided degree colleges resulted in legal intervention and subsequent administrative challenges, adding financial strain to an already tumultuous situation. As the political landscape shifts with the prospect of a new government, stakeholders within the academic community are intensifying their demands for transparency and accountability. With the university’s credibility at stake, there is a growing consensus for swift action to address these allegations and restore public trust in the institution’s leadership.

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