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Allu Aravind: I want to make Nikhil my partner

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Recently, speaking at the success meet of 18 Pages, producer Bunny Vas today said that a decent, sensible love story has earned a big figure at the box office at a time when only commercial entertainers are thought to do well.The GA2 Pictures supremo said that the Nikhil Siddhartha starrer collected more money on its Day Three compared to what it made on its opening day.

Nikhil said that the film is currently showing on more screens than it did on its opening day. “A good story told beautifully will always find takers. The success of 18 Pages shows that. The climax has to be watched on the big screen. I thank Allu Aravind garu, writer Sukumar garu and Bunny Vas garu on this occasion,” the Kartikeya 2 actor added.

Allu Aravind said that the film has become a hit at a time when feel-good movies and love stories were believed to have lost their currency.He made a reference to the success of Sita Ramam. “I am happy that 18 Pages has been compared with the climax of Sita Ramam. The film feels like reading a novel. I have offered two more movies to Nikhil. He is yet to accept the offer. I want to make him a partner,” Aravind said, ending his speech in a lighter vein.

Anupama said that the response for 18 Pages has filled her with satisfaction. “I am reminded of Shatamanam Bhavati,” she added.

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