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Amarnath galvanises YSRCP cadre for electoral success

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State Industries Minister Gudivada Amarnath rallied party members towards ensuring victory in the upcoming elections. Addressing a gathering organised in the 65th ward of GVMC,  Amarnath acknowledged the efforts of the cadre in securing electoral success.
Minister Amarnath extolled the transformative strides achieved under Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s leadership over the past five years, urging party members to amplify awareness of the government’s developmental and welfare initiatives. Highlighting the remarkable progress witnessed in the Gajuwaka constituency, he cited developmental projects and welfare programmes totalling billions of rupees spearheaded by legislators Nagireddy. Notably, Minister Amarnath commended the efforts of the Gajuwaka House Committee in facilitating housing for 25 thousand individuals, underscoring the government’s commitment to inclusive growth.
Expressing gratitude towards party workers and leaders, Minister Amarnath implored attendees to disseminate information on government initiatives, particularly those benefiting the underprivileged. With elections on the horizon, he emphasized the collective diligence of party members in securing victory and advancing the welfare of marginalized communities.
In solidarity with Minister Amarnath’s vision, 65th Ward Corporator Boddu Narasimha Patrudu emphasized unity among party members to ensure a resounding victory for the YCP in the constituency. Additionally, the instrumental role of Gudivada Gurunath Rao in facilitating extensive housing provisions garnered recognition, further bolstering support for Minister Amarnath’s candidacy.
Echoing sentiments of unwavering support, Corporator Urukuti Chandra Rao advocated for backing the Gudivada family’s multi-generational political legacy, foreseeing heightened developmental initiatives under Minister Amarnath’s potential stewardship. The gathering witnessed participation from various party leaders, underscoring a collective resolve towards securing electoral success and fostering inclusive progress.

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