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Amarnath mobilises unprecedented female support in Gajuwaka campaign

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The political arena in the bustling port city is electrified with anticipation as the YSRCP’s campaign in Gajuwaka gains unprecedented momentum. Spearheaded by Gudivada Amarnath, candidate for the Gajuwaka Assembly Constituency and the incumbent State Industries Minister, the campaign has witnessed a remarkable surge in female participation, reshaping traditional election dynamics.
In a surprising turn of events on Thursday evening, the Vadlapudi Tirumala Nagar in Pedagantyada mandal, 87th Ward of GVMC limits, witnessed an overwhelming turnout of women, showcasing the growing influence and strength of YSRCP’s female supporters. The campaign extravaganza, lasting three hours, saw women rallying alongside Minister Amarnath, signaling a new era of gender inclusivity in political engagement. Amidst the palpable enthusiasm, Amarnath embarked on a door-to-door outreach, distributing YSRCP leaflets and passionately appealing for support.
Capturing the hearts of supporters, Amarnath personally engaged with women, cementing bonds of solidarity and trust through selfies and heartfelt conversations. The fervor peaked as Amarnath led a ceremonial pooja at Gawara Veedhi Ram Temple, followed by traversing through key localities including Appikonda Velam Veedi and Ambedkar Colony, resonating with the hopes and aspirations of the electorate.
In a stirring address, Minister Amarnath highlighted Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s transformative initiatives, particularly in uplifting the underprivileged and empowering women. Urging voters to endorse the YSRCP, Amarnath pledged unwavering accessibility and commitment to addressing constituents’ concerns, promising swift resolution to longstanding issues plaguing Gajuwaka. As the electoral saga unfolds, the YSRCP’s campaign in Vadlapudi Tumor Colony stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to inclusive governance, poised to shape the political landscape with a resounding mandate. Stay tuned for more updates as the community’s verdict on Jaganmohan Reddy as the next Chief Minister looms large.

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