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Amarnath slams Pawan for again targeting volunteers

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PNS | Vijayawada

Minister Gudivada Amarnath on Sunday slammed Jana Sena Party (JSP) chief Pawan Kalyan for once again targeting the volunteers.

The Minister pointed out that Pawan Kalyan, during his meeting at Jagadamba centre in Visakhapatnam, said that the volunteers are like brothers and sisters and immediately called them the Dhandupalem batch. In fact, the real Dhandupalem batch was Chandrababu Naidu, Pawan Kalyan, Ramoji Rao, and Radhakrishna, the Minister said.

Addressing the media persons, the Minister alleged that the TDP looted the State from 2014 to 19 and everyone knows what is the share of PK and now he has stooped down taking packages, and was criticising the ruling party with false allegations.

Minister Gudivada said that it would have been better if PK has read some enlightening books instead of memorising the script given by the writers and Chandrababu Naidu, apart from that, he has no knowledge of anything. Like his adopted father, the JSP chief was spilling mud on the YSRCP government with false and crazy statements.

The Minister criticised PK will leave for Mangalagiri and adopted father Chandrababu Naidu will come to Visakhapatnam, instead of coming separately both can come together and organise a beach rally.

He said that PK visited Rishikonda as if something was happening; despite the State government obtaining all permissions for construction, PK did not say a word about GITAM University land encroachment as it belongs to CBN close relatives.

The minister stated that Pawan forgot that Rushikonda Hill Ramanaidu Studios, Venkateswara Swamy temple, IT hills, and Wellness centre all are on the hills. Even in Vijayawada also a hill was drilled to construct a road, in the same way Ramoji Film City was constructed clearing many hills.

The minister alleged only because PK has taken the package, he forgot the past how Chandrababu and Ramoji have conspired against Chiranjeevi by sending coverts to Praja Rajyam Party.

Minister Gudivada challenged to prove that he has 600 acres of land in Vissannapeta. If Pawan proves it, the land will be distributed at the rate of 1 acre to each of the journalists who attended the press meet. I will give the remaining land to the Jana Sena Party.

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