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Analysis : Pink saber in saffron: First victory of TRS

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Telangana: Our State,
our pride! Plotting conspiracy against a state such as ours will lead to an echo voices of revolt by 4 crore of its people in unison.Telangana statehood was achieved by its people who were driven by an overarching aspiration to progress.The ongoing attempts by the Bharatiya Janata Party’s brass in Delhi to topple the Telangana Rashtra Samiti government are based on ignorance of the genesis of our foundational strength.

While Telangana has marched to the top position at the national level in various fields and stands today as a role model for other states, the BJP’s brass aimed evil conspiracies to tarnish the progress of Telangana but met with a massive jolt and fiasco.Corrupt people are destroying the image of the country and escaping because of their money power.

We saw a video that shows a few persons offering crores of rupees during negotiations to buy elected representatives — TRS MLAs. “…Anyone can decipher the truth even with closed eyes…” This remark was made by none other than the Judges of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. The apex court of India making such a remark reassures the truth behind the conspiracy of buying elected representatives in Telangana.

Despite all of this, BJP leaders rest in denial mode. They claim that they have nothing to do with the poaching of TRS MLAs. But, contrary to their claims, the facts are unfolding, one by one, as the SIT probe progresses. Is it not a fact that the accused in the process of investigation revealed that it could be done only with encouragement from important leaders of BJP? Not only that, is it not a fact further that the accused disclosed during the investigation that they have a big network and that different people are assigned different roles and that the senior brass executes it?  Going by this, is this network headed by Prime Minister Modi himself or the PM’s second-in-command Amit Shah?

Ask Bandi Sanjay, Telangana BJP chief, who excels in lying and alleging. His relative blurted it out. What was the need for a lawyer-relative of Bandi Sanjay to speak with one of the accused, Nandkumar for 30 mins? What was the need to book flight ticket for Simhaiyaji from Tirupati to Hyderabad? Is Bandi Sanjay ignorant of all this? Are these two pieces of evidence not enough to convey that state BJP leaders also played a role in poaching TRS MLAs?

Having lost the bypolls in Munugode, saffron gangs are bewildered as facts began to unfold, one after the other.  Subsequently, the Enforcement Directorate, under Modi, began their raids in the State in coordination with IT Department on organization/s headed/related to TRS Ministers and MPs.

As the facts relating to a serious felony of poaching MLAs began to surface, the BJP at the Centre planned to divert the issue. Resultantly, BJP at the Centre began to order joint raids by ED & IT — the same exercise which they carried out in other non-BJP-ruled states. They found a passage through raids to cover up their failed attempts to defeat the TRS government.

The Telangana High Court refused to hand over the poaching case to the Central Bureau of Investigation, foiling the evil plan of BJP. The BJP had approached the Court with the intention of getting the case transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation, which is under their control, so as to tamper with evidences during the ongoing investigation. But their plan did not yield results. The Court summarily refused to transfer the case to the CBI, and maintained that investigation be carried out by SIT. This is the first victory of TRS over BJP.

(The writer is Chairman of Telangana State Technology Services)

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