Thursday, July 25, 2024

Anna canteen launched in the City

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The Chandrababu Naidu (CBN) Forum’s founder and general secretary, Xenex Amar, established Anna Canteen at the 100 Feet X Roads in Madhapur and inaugurated it along with Forum members, Fans and celebrities on Saturday. The canteen will begin operations from the first week of July, announced Xenex Amar.
During the event, Xenex Amar addressed a meeting and congratulated the newly formed NDA government in Andhra Pradesh. He mentioned that the canteens, first established during the Telugu Desam Party’s government, had successfully fed the poor and gained support from the people of the state.
He also criticised the previous YCP government for shutting down the rice canteens, which were named after the Telugu Desam Party, causing dissatisfaction among the poor. Inspired by Chandrababu, he expressed his goal to ensure that no one goes hungry, even in Telangana where he was born.
Xenex Amar clarified that despite the illegal arrest of Telugu Desam leader Chandrababu by the YSRCP government last November, the CBN Forum continued with many service programs. He announced that the forum has expanded its services beyond Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and will work diligently under the auspices of the forum to fulfill the ambitions of the Telugu Desam Party, NTR, and Chandrababu.

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