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AP makes strides towards a HIV/AIDS-free society

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In commemoration of World AIDS Day, Rajendra Kumar, the Project Director of the Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Organization (APSACS), emphasised the state’s commitment to achieving an HIV/AIDS-free society. The event, named ‘Let Communities Lead,’ took place at Tummalapalli Kalakshetra in Vijayawada, featuring a massive rally by students and the release of a commemorative poster.
Rajendra Kumar highlighted the success of innovative programs initiated by community elders and partners, resulting in a remarkable 68% reduction in HIV infections compared to 2014. Moreover, AIDS-related deaths witnessed a substantial decline of 73.75%. Kumar expressed pride in Andhra Pradesh’s accomplishments, positioning the state as a national example.
During the event, Kumar shared that only 13% of the nation’s total HIV patients reside in Andhra Pradesh. He urged everyone to collectively take responsibility for preventing new HIV cases in the state, emphasizing that individuals on Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) drugs can lead normal lives. ART drugs are readily available in all state health centers, and Kumar stressed the importance of providing moral support to HIV patients.
Dr. Samaram, a prominent doctor providing HIV awareness since 1990, commended the effective measures taken by the government. He noted that, despite India being the second-highest in HIV patients two decades ago, recent efforts have reduced the population’s prevalence to only 0.2%. Dr. Samaram expressed optimism that, by 2030, society could witness the complete eradication of HIV. He reassured the public that available medicines eliminate the need for fear, and individuals with AIDS can marry with precautionary measures.
Malladi Vishnu, Vice Chairman of the State Planning Board and central MLA, commended the state government’s prioritization of the health sector. He attributed the considerable reduction in HIV cases to awareness initiatives and presented awards to organizations and representatives contributing significantly to AIDS eradication.
The event saw participation from notable figures, including Rajamahendravaram Central Jail SP Rahul, Additional Project Director Koteswari, Subrahmanyam, Manjula, Usharani, and Rajendra Prasad.

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