Monday, July 15, 2024

AP’s tableau for R-Day

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The tableau on Prabhala Theertham from Andhra Pradesh State has been selected for the Republic Day parade to be held in New Delhi. The tableau showcases the Prabhala Theertham, celebrated in Konaseema during Sankranti, the harvest festival of Andhra Pradesh. Tableaus from Kerala and Tamil Nadu States were also selected for the Republic Day parade from South India.

During the festival, people decorate the bamboo arches with Lord Siva’s images and some people decorate them with Durga Devi images on them in a very incredible way. One more interesting thing to know about this Prabhala Theertham is the height of the Prabhalu. It varies and people prepare Prabhalus that are even 50 to 55 feet high.

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