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Arangetram review: An intense crime thriller

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Cast: Srinivas Prabhan, Pooja, Laya, Roshan, Mustafa Askari, Tirupati, and others
Story, screenplay, and direction: Srinivas Prabhan
Producers: Maheshwari, Vijayalakshmi
Music: Gidiyan Katta
Cinematography: Buran Sha
Editor: Madhu
Banner: Mahi Media Works

Arangetram is a psycho thriller crime genre movie where we get to see a psychopath (played by Mustafa) coming with a terrible past, commits multiple murders. On the 13th of every month, one girl is murdered. The police fail to nab the culprit. In comes Srinivas Prabhan trying to catch the killer. Will Srinivas succeeded? Why did he jump into action? Did the killer affect his personal life in any way? Was Srinivas successful? Why is the culprit on a killing spree and what is his past? Etc forms the rest of the story.

Srinivas Prabhan has both directed and acted in this movie. She also wrote the story and screenplay. So we can say this is a one man show. Srinivas got to do some action, romance and comedy, while also show the emotional side of him in the movie. His performance was impressive as a debutant actor. Since he is the director of the film, he gave himself some nice elevations in the fight scenes. Mustafa Askari as killer excelled in his role. Pooja not only looked stunning, but she also gave a strong performance. You enjoy seeing Laya and Roshan perform. Jabardasth Sattipandu makes for entertaining viewing. It is safe to say that the casting was well done.

This psychological crime thriller has a similar conflict plot as others in the genre. But the way it was narrated sets this film apart. The hero-villain conflict was very well narrated even the past of the killer. It had a unique story and was told nicely.
It’s entertaining to watch the leads’ romance develop. The narration moves at a pace that would be more appropriate for a crime novel. The fast-paced narration keeps things interesting throughout. The gripping moments will keep you on the edge of your seats. This has a plot that keeps you guessing as to what will happen next.

The music gets special attention. Both calming and shiver-inducing in intense circumstances, it has both qualities. Both the cinematography and the editing were precise and clear.

The film’s production quality was felt throughout.
With many gripping elements, an emotional backdrop, and stellar performances and narration, Arangetram impresses the audience. Watch the movie if you like crime thrillers.
Rating: 2.5/5

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