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Are celebrations to kill children?

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State BJP chief Sanjay asks BRS Govt
K Venkateshwarlu

Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay asked whether the BRS government is organising Telangana Formation Day Decennial celebrations only to take the lives of the people.

Expressing shock over the death of a student named Dhanush in Hanmakonda district on Tuesday while participating in the Decennial celebrations, Sanjay demanded that the BRS government should take responsibility for the death of Dhanush as it had taken Dhanush from school for the celebrations.

Tweeting on this regard Tuesday Sanjay said, “The death of Class VI student Inugala Dhanush of Marpelligudem in Kamalapur mandal during Telangana Formation Day celebrations is shocking.

I express my deepest condolences and sympathies to his family. The government that brought the student studying in school to the celebrations should be held responsible for his death.

Compensation should be paid to the child’s family immediately.”

“Is the BRS Sarkar organising celebrations to kill people? It is outrageous that this government is forcing children to participate in its celebrations. Who killed that child? Who can remove the pain of his parents? What will you say to them? Earlier, there was a fire during Khammam BRS Athmeeya Sammelan in which some people died.

An old woman who came to collect Kalyana Lakshmi cheque was made to wait the whole day in the Athmeeya Sammelan held in Wanaparthy district and she died. Now a Class VI child died during Formation Day celebrations. Are you holding your sammelans and festivals to kill people,” Sanjay asked.

Sanjay holds talks with BJP brass
The BJP’s Telangana unit President, Bandi Sanjay Kumar, held a series of meetings with top party leaders in New Delhi on Tuesday. Discussions were held with the party’s top brass on the latest political developments in Telangana.

It is reported that Sanjay also discussed the visit of BJP leaders to Telangana. BJP President JP Nadda is visiting Telangana on June 25. State leaders are also preparing for Union Minister Amit Shah’s public meeting in Khammam. Prime Minister Modi’s visit is also likely to be finalised after his foreign tour.

In fact, it is also learnt that Sanjay went to Benguluru and from there from he went to New Delhi.

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