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‘Are we pigs, dogs and donkeys?’

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K Venkateshwarlu

Criticising IT Minister KT Ramarao for using words like ‘Pigs,’ ‘Dogs’ and ‘Donkeys,’ the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) asked whether there is a need for Congress MLAs to attend the Assembly as KTR has been speaking as he liked against opposition leaders instead of answering their questions.

Addressing the media after the adjournment of the House on Saturday along with party MLAs D. Sridhar Babu, Seethakka, and the lone MLC, T. Jeevan Reddy, CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka said whether asking the government ‘Will Hyderabad drown if rain comes’ is wrong? Whether asking handing over ORR to a private company is wrong? Whether asking the government why it is not giving funds to Gram Panchayats is wrong? Bhatti asked.

He said that no Minister had so far called opposition members as pigs, dogs and donkeys. “Are we pigs, dogs and donkeys if we raise public issues?” he asked.

“KTR will be in power only for two months. We will expose the BRS government after coming to power,” he said.

Bhatti said that this is not the way to run the Assembly and informed them that they will meet the Speaker on this issue. “Where will democracy go if we leave the House in this manner,” he asked.

Criticising KCR for announcing merger of the TSRTC with the government in a hurry, Bhatti said that KCR is trying to keep the TSRTC merger pending to avoid the issue.

Sridhar said that Ministers have to listen to the issues raised by the opposition patiently. He asked people to observe the attitude of BRS Ministers and how they are speaking in the Assembly. He also asked the Speaker to run the House in a respectful manner.

Seethakka said that the Assembly has become a BRS office. She said that she remembers Labour Minister Ch. Malla Reddy while seeing KTR. KTR is trying to get applause from MLAs like Malla Reddy getting claps from students in his colleges.

“How can KTR call as pigs, dogs and donkeys? This is not right correct on KTR’s part. This is not the way an educated person will talk. Didn’t you work with Congress in the past? BRS MLAs were Ministers in the Congress government,” she said.

Seethakka said that even the Speaker made Ministers speak harshly to Congress Members in the House. Instead of cutting the opposition’s mic, the Speaker should give it to BRS Members and Ministers, she said.

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