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Are you ready for jamili poll?

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BJP counters KTR’s challenge to hold midterm LS polls

The BJP countered IT Minister KT Ramarao’s Saturday statement that the BRS is ‘ready for early LS elections’ and KTR’s challenge to the Centre to declare early elections by dissolving Parliament if it had the guts to do so.

BJP Rajya Sabha Member Dr K. Laxman countered KTR on Sunday by asking whether the BRS is ready for ‘Jamili ( One nation one election) elections.’ He said the BRS and the Congress will join hands after the elections. Meanwhile, Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar threw a challenge at KTR and asked him to make his father BRS president Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao go for early elections if he has the guts. He made it clear that the BJP is ready to face early elections whenever they are held.

“What is the state’s share in Krishna and Godavari river waters? How much do we use? What is KCR doing if AP is taking water from Telangana?” Sanjay asked.

The BJP leader accused Chief Minister KCR of practising the occult and asked him to reveal why he is doing that and whom he wanted to destroy.

Sanjay said that the KCR family wants to destroy someone. The occult rites carried out by those who seek the destruction of others will not bear fruit, Sanjay said, “If you plant for good, you will get results.”

Sanjay asked why funds for the development of Kondagattu, Dharmapuri and Vemulawada temples have not been sanctioned so far. He said that once the BJP comes to power, the temples will be developed and all facilities will be provided to devotees.

He said that KCR and his family are earning thousands of crores through corruption. The people of Telangana are being looted. People’s lives are getting destroyed by giving power to a man like KCR, he said.

“People are running out of food in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In Pakistan people are killing each other for wheat flour. China is shaking with Corona but India is safe,” he said.

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