Friday, December 1, 2023

”As a child I felt like the only way to prove myself was by being intelligent and hardworking,” says Shaheen Bhatt

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The panel discussion focused on topics around mental health of students and how parents play a major role in the same.During the discussion Shaheen opened up about her mental health and said, “I never planned on talking about my mental health issues but on this one fine day, I was lying on the bed trying to look for a picture to post on social media. I realized that I have been searching for only happy pictures completely opposite to what I was actually feeling to share with the world, which made me comprehend that I want to talk about how I am actually feeling.

The reason I felt this way is because no one ever chooses to talk about it and your reflex to ‘How you are feeling?’ is always ‘Oh, I am good.’ We are constantly wearing this mask and pretending to be someone else.”

Shaheen also opened up about her childhood and parents saying, “As a child I felt like the only way to prove myself was by being intelligent and hardworking. Everytime i felt short of that felt really bad, it felt horrible. I felt really lucky for the fact that I have such supportive parents who have always told me to just do my best and that any outcome that comes is okay with them, not only this they have never pressured me to be a top-ranking student.”

This panel discussion led to some valuable discussion about students and their mental health focussing more towards how parents can play a crucial part in supporting their children with their mental health

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