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ASR Collector urges vigilance amid diarrhoea threat

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District Collector M Vijaya Suneetha has rallied officials to bolster efforts against the looming threat of diarrhoea outbreaks. With nearly one lakh children under five years old in jeopardy, the district administration has launched a proactive campaign to stem the tide of potential health crises. In a crucial meeting held on Friday,  Collector Suneetha underscored the urgency of preventive measures, particularly advocating for the boiling of water as a critical safeguard. Citing alarming reports of water contamination across 217 areas, including vital administrative hubs, the Collector pressed for ramped-up bleaching and chlorination processes. Rigorous water quality testing protocols have been mandated to ensure the populace’s safety.
Highlighting the government’s unwavering commitment to tribal areas, the Collector enjoined health, water supply, and local governance bodies to maintain unwavering vigilance. Crucial supplies, including medicines, Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) packets, and zinc tablets, are being swiftly mobilized to fortify the district’s defences against potential outbreaks.
Assurances from District Medical Health Officer Dr.Jamal Basha regarding adequate medical reserves provided a semblance of relief. A stockpile boasting 3.75 lakh ORS packets, 7,500 zinc fluids, and essential medications like Metrogyl, Furazolidone, and Cifran tablets stands poised to combat any surge in diarrhoea cases.
The emergency meeting drew participation from a consortium of key stakeholders, including health officials Dr Krishna Rao and Dr Prasada Rao, as well as administrative figures such as Dr Vishwamitra and N. Suryalakshmi. Plans were deliberated upon to orchestrate expansive awareness programs and disseminate critical health advisories across the district.
Residents were urged to maintain vigilance and seek immediate medical attention upon detecting symptoms, underlining the pivotal role of swift action in containing diarrheal illnesses and safeguarding public health integrity. As the district braces itself against potential challenges, the resolute stance of officials and proactive measures taken offer a beacon of hope amidst looming health concerns. The concerted efforts led by Collector Suneetha exemplify a determined response to protect the community’s well-being in the face of adversity.

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