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Assisting father in classes

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Perhaps it started with assisting my father during his classes and patiently guiding younger students through the intricate steps. Over time, the roles subtly shifted. I found myself taking on more and more responsibilities, eventually leading classes, and thereafter choreographing new pieces. My father, ever the supportive mentor, would offer guidance and encouragement, his eyes filled with pride at my growing expertise and dedication. There wasn’t a single defining moment, but rather a gradual flow of knowledge and added responsibility. It was a natural progression, a testament to the deep bond I shared with my father and the shared passion that burned brightly.

Reverence for tradition
Now, the legacy of SRNN rests on my shoulders. I carry forward the weight of tradition not just with a sense of reverence, but also with the exhilarating prospects of sharing this ancient art form with others across the world. The journey continues, the dance flows on, and I am ready to take Bharatanatyam to new heights.

Beyond a dance school
I would strive to maintain the warm, supportive atmosphere that makes students feel like family. This might involve fostering open communication, celebrating individual achievements, and organising social events beyond dance lessons. I would not only focus on dance skills but also on the holistic development of my students. This could involve discussion on topics like self-confidence, discipline, and cultural appreciation. I would encourage student participation in decision-making and initiatives that benefit SRNN. While respecting tradition, I have also been open to incorporating new teaching methods or exploring innovative ways to present Bharatanatyam. This could keep the art form relevant for future generations.

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