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Atria University Organized ‘Beyonder Emergence & Green Future Summit’

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Atria University – India’s first Liberal Science University held ‘Beyonder Emergence & Green Future Summit’.The marquee event at Atria University, was presided over by Nirmala Sitharaman, Union Minister of Finance & Corporate Affairs, Basavaraj S. Bommai, Chief Minister, Govt. of Karnataka, and over 25 Industry leaders.

Sunder Raju, Chairman – Atria Group and Founder – Atria University, Nagaraju, Founder and Managing Trustee, Kaushik Raju, Karthik Raju and Shaheem Rahiman from Atria University leadership team hosted the event.

At ‘Beyonder Emergence’, the students of Atria University (AU) showcased over a dozen projects, each one of them aimed at solving real world problems. The solutions on display were socially responsible, ethical solutions, and conscious of reducing carbon footprint to minimum. Projects on Energy Audit, eMobility, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Extended Reality, Hydroponics, Cyanotype print making, were few examples of the projects on display.

The ‘Green Future Summit’ had over 25 distinguished industry leaders championing Green solutions across sectors. The summit included insightful panel discussions on topics of Green Fintech, eMobility and Clean Fuel, ESG, and Future of Workforce. The panel discussions were focused on laying an ideal blueprint for the future in each focus group topic, including right models of partnership between private organizations. The panel also discussed in detail how public policies benefited growth, and suggested valuable policy changes that further increases growth. The leaders showed a pathway to make India attain its goal of becoming a leading player of ‘Green Economy’ in the global context.

Nirmala Sitharaman – Union Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs, commented “Atria University has shown how even for a 16-year-old, hands-on learning experiences are the ones which is really going to speed up skilling of young minds and giving them the confidence that it is only by problem-solving and understanding of issues that skilling can really mature into a purposeful skillset in an individual either when he/she is employed or starts an enterprise of their own. While IITs have tried imparting education in their own time.. but 21st-century India, needs a different approach in handling technology and not to be diffident in being a part of that handling. So for the 21st century, imparting of skills and also giving students confidence, should start early… not after feeling dejected about University entry or not having obtained a degree that does not give them the necessary skillset in science or all kinds of faculties.”

Addressing the Summit, Mr. Sunder Raju – Founder of Atria University and Chairman of Atria Group, said, “I would like to thank all the distinguished dignitaries and business delegates who attended the summit. We extend our deepest gratitude to Honorable Union Minister of Finance Nirmala Sitharaman, and Chief Minister of Karnataka, Basavaraj S. Bommai, for their presence. At Atria University, we provide a broad range of facilities and solid infrastructure to ensure students’ holistic development. We aim to create a new learning experience that puts students at the center. Through this summit, we hope to inspire students to develop and implement solutions to environmental problems, promote social change, and promote harmony. Talking about students should focus on communication. Atria University offers project-based learning, industry-relevant curriculum, sprint-style learning, and degree majors aligned with high-growth industries. Apart from academics, the university works to improve the educational system by emphasizing skill development, value additions, social responsibility, employability, and good citizenship,” added Mr. Raju.

Marking the milestone day at Atria University, saw the launch of two first-of-a-kind initiatives in Indian Higher Education. A Centre of Excellence on inter-species finance in collaboration with Mr. Jonathan Ledgard through the Consulate of Switzerland, becoming a Global-first initiative.

The other launch, a dedicated future-ready Fintech lab, demonstrates Atria’s strong industry partnership programs. The Fintech lab will be set up in collaboration with LenDenClub – a Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform in India. LenDenClub, an established fintech company, helps accelerate financial inclusion for the bottom of the pyramid by developing innovative fintech models.

About Atria University:
Atria University, Bengaluru, aims to address the challenges of tomorrow by preparing students for careers and opportunities in the future. The University was founded in 2018 by the Atria Group – a reputed South Indian conglomerate, which manages Atria Power, Atria Hospitality, Atria Education, and Atria Foundation. The University’s unique model of higher education aims to empower Beyonders who can build sustainable global communities and, propel businesses and societies to flourish and thrive.

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