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Avinash’s call records matched with those of Viveka’s killers: Sharmila

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President of the Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC), YS Sharmila, has levelled serious accusations against YSRCP leader and MP YS Avinash Reddy, alleging that his call records corresponded with those of the individuals involved in the murder of Vivekananda Reddy.
During an election rally held here on Saturday, Sharmila launched a scathing critique against her cousin, Avinash Reddy, questioning his resistance to a CBI investigation into the Viveka murder case.
“If you are truly innocent, why do your call records align with those of the suspects in Vivekananda Reddy’s murder?” she inquired pointedly.
She emphasized her motive for contesting the Lok Sabha seat, stating, “I am striving to ensure that perpetrators do not find their way into Parliament.”
Sharmila refuted Avinash Reddy’s dismissal of her allegations as mere mudslinging, asserting, “The evidence from Google Maps and call records uncovers your connections to Viveka’s murderers.”
Furthermore, she demanded that Avinash Reddy clarify his stance on opposing the CBI investigation into Viveka’s murder and elucidate his apprehension towards the inquiry.
“He must explain why he cleaned up the blood at the crime scene and falsely claimed that Viveka died of a heart attack,” she pressed.
Expressing disappointment over the delay in concluding the investigation and bringing the culprits to justice five years after Viveka’s murder, she lamented, “Had I aspired to become an MP, I would have pursued it long ago.”
Sharmila reminisced about her 3200-kilometer padyatra undertaken to support the YSRCP during Jagan Reddy’s imprisonment, highlighting the hardships endured alongside YS Sunitha. “Despite enduring humiliation, we remain steadfast. Their arrogance will not deter us,” she asserted.

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