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Be mindful of kids’ health: Docs

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As the month of Ramadan is under way, it is time to understand the impact it has on childrens’ mental health.
Psychologists and doctors stress on the mental well being of children and recommend parents to be mindful of children’s health.
Speaking of the impact of Ramadan in general, Zara Siddiqui, a couselling psycologist and lifestyle expert said, “It has a core impact on our mental health, as it focuses on a lot of positive physiological aspects. It helps building self-confidence, resistance and strengthens will power, imbibes patience. It reinstates the characteristics of being humble, kind and caring towards our fellow beings that unshackles the rigid societal norms.”
Adressing a query on the impact of Ramadan on children, Siddiqui said, “As we are aware of the fragility and sensitivity of a child’s nature, in certain parts of our society, Ramadan may turn out to be a little heavy for those in the age group of 7-13 years. These children usually juggle with lot of multi-tasking as they are learning new skills, pursuing academics and sports, attending tuitions and adhering to the Ramadan routine starting with Suhoor and ending with the taraweeh prayer. At times, this new routine might have a physical and physiological impact such as fatigue, dehydration, exhaustion, lethargy, constipation, fickle mindedness, stress, anxiousness, irritability etc.”
She further suggested parents to adopt steps to prevent chidren from being fatigued, “Create a positive environment for children, be approachable, so they do not feel stressed or left out. Practice mindfulness while dealing with kids, and avoid being excessively rigid. Start with educating the children about the significance of fasting in a way that they acquire knowledge and help them structure their daily tasks and have appropriate rest.”
The psychologist urged children to avoid aerated drinks, oily and processed foods.

“Keep yourself hydrated. Water and fresh fruit juices can help you achieve this; avoid spicy food during the pre-dawn meal (Sehri) Eat fresh fruits, and take adequate rest to avoid physical burnout,” Siddiqui concluded.
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