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Beneficial superfoods for teenagers for good skin

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When it comes to skincare, having a CTM routine with the right products is the key to achieving healthy, youthful skin. However, various reports highlight and emphasise the importance of beginning a skincare journey when you are in your teens. Teen skincare can significantly help in maintaining skin health and slowing down premature ageing. With the onset of adolescence, acne, oiliness, dryness, and sensitivity are the common skin troubles adolescents have to face. Taking care of the skin right from the teenage years will help boost skin health and reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin troubles associated with ageing. While establishing the CTM routine and a weekly deep cleansing regimen with scrub, pack, serum, and mask can be beneficial, incorporating superfoods can take the skincare game a notch higher. Let’s see the superfoods that are beneficial for teen skincare:

The golden ingredient is gooseberry
When it comes to superfoods, gooseberry (amla) is a golden ingredient that rejuvenates the skin and helps fight pigmentation. Loaded with Vitamin C, it can be used in the form of powder or juice for skincare. To deal with uneven skin tone, mix 2-3 spoons of amla powder with yoghurt. Leave it for 10–15 minutes and massage gently before washing it off with plain water. One tablespoon of amla juice with aloe vera gel can make a great anti-ageing face pack that will also help heal skin dryness and flakiness. For naturally glowing, healthy skin, one can apply a face pack by mixing honey with amla juice or powder. Rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins, this will penetrate your skin deeply and nourish the skin cells.

The exotic Kakadu Plum
This tropical fruit holds the highest world record for being rich in Vitamin C. It has 100 times more Vitamin C as compared to an orange. Whether it is a toner, scrub, or mask, it can be incorporated into the skincare routine in different ways. Mixing rose water with Kakadu Plum extracts in a spray bottle can be used as a toner in the daily CTM regimen. To make a face scrub, you can mix sugar, coconut oil, coffee powder, and Kakadu Plum extracts together. Massage onto the face and neck for 2-3 minutes, then wash with water.

Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil has been one of the beneficial ingredients to be included in the skincare routine since adolescence. Its antimicrobial properties can kill acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammation and redness, soothe dryness and itchiness, and even regulate oil production. A face pack or mask prepared by combining one tablespoon of honey, two teaspoons of tea tree oil, and one tablespoon of yoghurt can work wonders for the skin. Applying it once a week can help teenagers maintain healthy, supple, and radiant skin.

The healthy oatmeal
Oatmeal is another exceptional superfood that offers various benefits for the skin. It comes with anti-inflammatory properties and can help soothe irritated, sensitive skin while gently exfoliating dead skin cells. When mixed with honey, it can form one of the best facial scrubs. Combine 14 cups of honey, half a tablespoon of brown sugar, 14 cups of milk, and 12 cups of cooked oatmeal until it forms a grainy paste. Apply this to the face and neck, gently scrub for one to two minutes, and rinse thoroughly.

Kiwi is one of the most powerful superfoods for skincare. It not only has hydrating, brightening, and exfoliating properties but is also effective in preventing premature ageing, making it the best ingredient for teen skincare. One kiwi (peeled and mashed) mixed with two tablespoons of brown sugar and a few drops of olive oil will make a great facial mask. Apply this in a circular motion for three to five minutes, then wash it off with lukewarm water.

To conclude
During adolescence, the body goes through significant hormonal changes due to puberty. Establishing a skincare routine right from the teenage years will help boost skin health, slow down the ageing process, and effectively deal with age-related skin troubles. During this time, it’s important to consider the skin type and specific concerns and choose the ingredients accordingly. For optimal results, consistency is equally essential. However, incorporating superfoods into skincare products can provide teenagers with added nourishment for the skin and help them maintain its natural glow and radiance even in the years to come.

(The writer, Dolly Kumar, is a cosmetic engineer and founder at Skinella.)

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