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Beware of fake e-commerce websites: SP Malika

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Superintendent of police Malika Garg asked people to beware of fake e-commerce websites and do not trust advertisements offering appliances and electronic devices at cheaper price.
In a statement here on Sunday, she asked people not to click on fake websites and advertisements. The SP suggested that people should be careful about these fake e-commerce sites that advertise that valuable items are being sold at a very cheap price.

She said that targeting the auspicious Ashadam, Shravan masam sale, festivals and other celebrations, cyber criminals create fake websites that resemble the original websites of companies like Amazon, Flipkart, D-Mart, Big Basket, Big Bazaar using a technique called page jacking.

They offer attractive up to 90% on essentials, home decor items, popular branded clothes, electronic devices and other items are advertised on many social media websites to attract buyers and customers to the website in the hope of getting the best item at the lowest price, the SP stated.

She said that along with their personal details, their bank, credit/debit card details are being obtained and bank accounts are being emptied through them and advised the people to be careful while shopping online.

“You should be careful when sharing your personal and financial information on the website. Fraudsters have a chance to cheat by changing the name slightly (for example instead of So must check if the site URL is misspelled,” SP Malika Garg cautioned. She asked people not to trust when a 90% discount is offered by any e-commerce company as that is not possible. She asked to complain to 1930 or crime portal .

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