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‘Bhavanis’ paint city red

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The relinquishment of Bhavani Deeksha began on a grand note at Kanaka Durga temple atop the Indrakeeladri in the city on Thursday morning. Temple EO D Bhramaramba, Vedic priests, temple ‘archakas’, and others inaugurated three ‘Homa Gundams’. The ‘Deeksha’ relinquishment will continue for five days till December 19 and the temple will be open from 3 am to 11 pm for the convenience of the devotees till December 19.

The devotees thronged the temple with ‘Jai Durga Jai Jai Durga’ chants. Devotees of ‘Mandal’ and ‘Ardha Mandala Deeksha’ started coming from various places. The surroundings of the Indrakiladri were flooded with devotees and the trend will continue for the next four days.

Elaborate arrangements were made for the programme. After Covid restrictions during the last two years, it is estimated that more than seven lakh devotees will visit the temple for ‘Deeksha’ relinquishment. Three ‘Agni Homams’ are being arranged for the devotees on the Indrakeeladri for ‘Bhavani’ devotees.

The authorities have arranged temporary sheds and tonsuring centres were also arranged for the convenience of the ‘Bhavanis’. The temple authorities have arranged five queue lines from Vinayaka temple to the Goddess Durga temple. Arrangements are made for ‘Prasadams’ through 10 counters and about 20 lakh ‘laddus’ are being prepared by Durga temple authorities for the ongoing occasion. The devotees can take shower at Seethamma vari padalu, Bhavani Ghat and Punnami Ghat before coming to the temple.

The temple authorities are planning to extend the ‘Deeksha’ relinquishment for another two or three days as more than seven lakh devotees are expected to visit the temple. As ‘Bhavanis’ and other devotees also come for Darshan of the Goddess, Rs 100, Rs 300 and Rs 500 tickets are made available for ‘Antaralaya Darshans’. Devotees reaching Vijayawada on foot from distant places can have bath at the bathing ghats and enter the temple. About 300 ‘Guru Bhavanis’ are available on the temple premises to assist the devotees in relinquishment. For the convenience of the Bhavani devotees visiting Durga temple, traffic diversion and traffic restrictions were imposed in Vijayawada city. Police made massive security arrangements.

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