Thursday, November 30, 2023

Bhongir now in peace

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PNS | hyderabad

Without naming the Nayeem gang, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao said the Congress supports anarchist groups in Bhongir town and that the BRS government eliminated them. He said the people of Bhongir are now living in peace after the elimination of anarchist groups. KCR said that brokers’ raj will come if the Congress comes to power as they would scrap the Dharani Portal and the Dalit Bandhu scheme.

He called upon people to dump the Congress in the Bay of Bengal using their votes as the Congress has been saying that it will throw the Dharani Portal into the Bay of Bengal.
Addressing the Bhongir Praja Ashirvada public meeting at Bhongir on Monday, KCR said that he will construct an IT and Industrial Park in Bhongir and that they will make Yadadri Bhongir district a green one by completing the 98 per cent completed Baswapur project after elections.
He said that their survey had revealed that the BRS candidate sitting MLA Pailla Shekhar Reddy will win the elections with more than 50,000 vote majority in Bhongir. He asked the people attending the meeting to decide whether they want a 24-hour power supply or a 3-hour power supply. He said that farmers too have to think about this.
“There is now no chance to grab the lands of others due to the Dharani Portal. However, Congress leaders are saying that they will dump the Dharani Portal in the Bay of Bengal if they come to power. If Dharani goes VROs and officials’ raj will come. Land rights will be disturbed. People have to hang around Tahsildar offices and courts if Congress comes. The BRS government introduced the rule that only the people’s thumb can change land title deeds. Even the Chief Minister cannot change that. People have to think whether they want this right or not,” KCR said.
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