Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Bid to lure voters foiled

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PNS | Hyderabad

Days after the Election Commission of India (ECI) announced the schedule for the Telangana Assembly elections, the TS police seized huge amounts of money, liquor, ganja and gold from many places from 9-10-23 6 AM to 12-10-23 6 AM.

Cash, gold, liquor and inducements worth Rs 37.07 crore were seized in the 3 days from October 9 to October 12 in Telangana as the election code kicked in. This is as per the Seizure, MCC and Law & Order Report in Connection With Elections to The State Legislature–2023 released by CEO Telangana’s office.
Nearly 30% of the seizures were on Wednesday alone. While a total of Rs 37,07,36,548 worth of inducements were seized, from 11-10-23 6 AM to 12-10-23 6 AM Rs 12,23,39,458 worth of inducements were seized. As per the report from the CEO, Rs 20.43 crore in cash has been seized so far, followed by Rs 14.65 crore worth of gold, silver and diamonds. The items include 31.797 kg of gold, 350 kg of silver, and 42.203 carats of diamonds. About Rs 86.92 lakh worth of liquor and Rs 89 lakh worth of Ganja were also seized. Around 31,730 litres of liquor, 1000 kg Black Jaggery, 501 Kg Alam was also seized. Another Rs 22.5 lakh worth 7040 kg rice, 440 sarees, 80 sewing machines, 87 cookers and a car was also seized.
Cases under Sections 107, 108, 110 and 151 were registered against 1,196 persons.
There are 373 Flying Squad Teams, 374 Static Surveillance Teams and 729 Quick Response Teams. 34,338 cases were recorded on Public Property. 22132 defacement removal on Public Property. 11434 cases were recorded on defacement of private property and 7322 cases of defacement removal on Private Property were notified. Companies of the Central Armed Police Force were deployed in Telangana and they will report by October 20.
According to MCC guidelines, any cash, gold, silver or other material has to be accounted for. They did not produce any bills or documents to substantiate their claims. These were seized as they could not show any evidence or showed only a piece of paper regarding the delivery of the gold and silver.

The Election Commission has developed a tech platform called Election Seizure Management System (ESMS). The platform is for real-time updates on seizures from the field. The updates will be provided by multiple state and Central enforcement agencies.

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