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Biden assures Netanyahu of unwavering support for Israel

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During a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to congratulate him on his re-election, US President Joe Biden “underscored his unwavering support for Israel’s security”, the White House said in a statement. During the call on Monday, Biden commended Netanyahu on “Israel’s free and fair elections” and also reaffirmed the strength of the bilateral partnership, based on a “bedrock of shared democratic values and mutual interests”, according to the statement.

The White House added that the two leaders agreed to speak again at the conclusion of Israel’s government formation process.Taking to Twitter, Netanyahu said: “Biden called and congratulated me on the election victory and said that the alliance between Israel and the US is stronger than ever. “I thanked President Biden for his personal friendship that spans 40 years between us and for his commitment to the state of Israel.

“I told him that it is within our power to obtain additional peace agreements and also to deal with the threat of Iranian aggression.”The 73-year-old, who was toppled last year after 12 consecutive years in power in Israel, made a stunning comeback after his win in the general elections, the fifth since 2019, held on November 1. Netanyahu will control not just the largest party in the Knesset (parliament), but is poised to return to power leading a 64-strong majority bloc of his religious and right-wing allies in the 120-member Knesset.

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