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Bifurcation issues can be solved only by Telugu CMs

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The meeting of Telugu Chief Ministers ended after deciding to constitute two committees to resolve bifurcation issues.
The Centre and both the Telugu states had constituted many committees to resolve bifurcation issues between the Telugu states. But no committee could resolve the problems as in some cases the Telangana government did not accept suggestions and in some other cases the solutions were not accepted by the Andhra Pradesh government.
The Union Home Ministry also appointed some committees to look into this issue, but it was of no use. However, some issues were resolved when both states came to a consensus.
The meeting of the Telugu Chief Ministers has decided to constitute two committees. One will have officials of both the states and the other ministers of both states. But the issue is in the hands of the two Telugu Chief Ministers as rightly pointed out by Telangana Deputy Chief Minister Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka after the meeting.
Speaking to the media the TG Deputy Chief Minister said as a first step the official committee will try to resolve issues. If the official committees are not able to do so, then the ministers’ committee will try to resolve the issue. If the ministers’ committee also is not able to arrive at a solution then as a final step both Chief Ministers will take a decision.
The Centre, officials of the Centre and both state governments and even ministers cannot solve bifurcation issues going by past experience. This issue can be resolved only by the Chief Ministers of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Except for these two nobody can solve this problem.
It is not easy for the two Chief Ministers also because these issues are very sensitive and linked to the sentiments of the people of both states.
Unless both Chief Ministers adopt a give-and-take policy without hurting the sentiments of the people of both states they will not be able to solve bifurcation issues.
Otherwise, the issue of bifurcation will remain unsolved not only for years but for decades.

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