Thursday, November 30, 2023

Bio Bank inaugurated at city’s AIG Hospitals

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A state of -the-art Bio Bank was inaugurated at the AIG Hospitals on Tuesday. The latest facility will stress on the preservation and analysis of human tissue samples for diverse research purposes.
Speaking of the facility, AIG Hospital Chairman  Dr D Nageshwar Reddy said, “The AIG Bio Bank represents a significant milestone in the organisation’s commitment to advancing medical knowledge and fostering breakthroughs in healthcare. The Bio Bank will serve as a vital resource for researchers, clinicians and scientists, providing them with access to a vast repository of high-quality human tissue samples among other important bio samples.”
Speaking of the features of the bank, Dr Reddy said, “Equipped with the latest technologies and adhering to the highest standards of biosecurity and ethics, the Bio Bank ensures the integrity and quality of stored samples. It has a total number of 15 “-80 Degree” Freezers, 5 “-20 Degree” Freezers, and 3 “-160 Degree” Liquid Nitrogen tanks with a cumulative capacity of storing more than 3 lakh bio samples.”
The Bio Bank aims to foster collaboration among researchers, institutions and industry partners, providing a collaborative platform to accelerate discoveries and innovations in the field of preventive medicine.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Leroy Hood, President and Co-founder, Institute of Systems Biology, Seattle said “With an institution like AIG where research plays a significant part of their clinical approach, this Bio Bank will add another key element that will bring collaborators from across the world to do meaningful research on different phenotypes and thereby developing cutting edge medical approaches for predictive and preventive healthcare.”
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