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BJP banking on anti-Cong attitude of BRS, TDP

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In finalising the alliance with the BRS in Telangana and with the TDP in Andhra Pradesh, the BJP is making use of the anti-Congress attitude of both parties.
In Telangana, the main political rival of the BRS is the Congress and the BRS would not support the Congress under any circumstance.
In Andhra Pradesh, for the TDP the Congress is not the main rival, but the TDP is not ready to support the Congress as the people are still angry with the Congress for dividing United Andhra Pradesh.
In the last Assembly elections, the TDP had an alliance with the Congress in Telangana but not in Andhra Pradesh. It is an open secret that TDP supremo Chandrababu is trying for an alliance with the BJP.
There are speculations that the BRS is also trying to ally with the BJP to defeat the Congress in the Lok Sabha elections.
But the BJP and the BRS leaders are against the alliance. BJP’s state President Union Minister G. Kishan Reddy said that their party will fight the Lok Sabha elections on its own and there would be no alliance with any political party.
But the fact is that the alliance issue is in the hands of the BJP’s national leadership. The BJP leadership thinks that if they reject the alliance the TDP and the BRS are not in a position to strike a deal with the Congress.
After the Lok Sabha elections also both these parties are not going to support the Congress at the Centre. If there is no alliance with the TDP and the BRS, the BJP wants to at least maintain cordial relations with these two parties in case it is needed.
Sources said that the BJP leadership is analysing the political situation in both Telugu states and the advantages and disadvantages of having an alliance with the TDP and the BRS in their respective states.
In Andhra Pradesh, the ruling YSR Congress has become an unofficial reliable friend of the NDA. Most political surveys indicate that the YSR Congress is going to win the AP Assembly elections and a majority of the LS constituencies.
If the BJP has an alliance with the YSR Congress it will change the YSRC’s attitude in national politics. The BJP may not require the support of the YSR Congress in the Lok Sabha, but it needs the support of the YSR Congress in the Rajya Sabha.
In Andhra Pradesh, all the 11 Rajya Sabha seats are in the hands of the YSR Congress. The TDP does not have a single Rajya Sabha seat. In Telangana, out of the total seven Rajya Sabha seats five are with the BRS and two are with the Congress.

The support of the BRS and the YSR Congress is crucial for the BJP in the Rajya Sabha than in the Lok Sabha. Keeping this in view, the BJP leadership wants to forge alliances with the BRS and the TDP.
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