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BJP getting ready to contest all seats

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The BJP high command in Delhi is confusing the State leaders regarding the alliance with TDP–JSP. According to reports, the BJP seems to have a double stance on alliance. On the one hand, TDP is set to be roped into the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) on March 5. At the same time, the BJP high command has reportedly asked the party leaders to send the list of aspirants for all the 175 Assembly and 25 Lok Sabha seats.
BJP State general secretary B Siva Narayana said that an action plan is being finalised on how to approach the people across the State ahead of the elections. A meeting was held on Saturday to discuss the candidates for the parliamentary constituencies.
He said that another discussion will be held on who should be fielded in Assembly constituencies and claimed that the people of Andhra Pradesh are ready to support BJP. He said that the meeting with the rest of the district leaders will be held on Sunday.
Siva Narayana said that there was a good response from the people to Prajaporu and Palleku Podam programmes. There will be an elaborate discussion on how to contest all 25 Parliament, 175 Assembly seats in the coming elections. He added that the matter of alliances will be decided by the high command.
He further said that during the 2019 elections, false propaganda was carried against BJP that led to the drop in voter percentage. Through various programmes, the BJP State leaders have explained to the people what the Modi government has done. “There was no discussion on alliances, only the leaders expressed their views on alliance,” he added.

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